Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday's OOTD: Bright Blue Jeans

Hi all!

Finally, a casual OOTD from me! This is what I wore on Saturday, and it's all brand new from Anthropologie: my parents came to visit me this past weekend, and my mom and I went shopping (as you do ;) ). I've been lusting after this color in jeans for a while, and I think they are so much more fun than your basic jeans. I also never thought this color top would look good on me, but I'm pleasnetly surprised! I don't always like what Anthro (as my mom calls it) has to offer, but I'm really happy with my purchases this time

Another finger covering the lense, sorry! This was my mom's fault though, not mine!

Top: Anthropologie (link)

Jeans: AG Jeans (from Anthropologie) Yes, these are expensive, but they fit great and are so soft and comfortable. The color on the website washes them out a bit, the most accurate picture is the last one.

Shoes: Coach, see previous post for similar options!

Necklace: Thomas Sabo (link). Sadly, I don't think these necklaces are available in the US, which is a real shame. The concept is similar to Pandora, but for necklaces. I got mine in Switzerland, but they're available all over Europe. Might do a post on mine soon!

Med Alert: Lauren's Hope

Makeup: Ummmm can't remember. I know I was wearing MAC's Bombshell lipstick, though, which I also got this weekend.

I'm sorry about all of the OOTD posts. I'm waiting until I get home where I have an actual camera to do more makeup related posts, i.e reviews, swatches, FOTDs, what have you. So in a week or so my posts will be a lot more interesting!


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