Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Favorites

It's time for June favorites! Without further ado, here are the products I've been loving this month:

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer: After raving about it in my last favorites post, it has come to my attention that my Clarins Bronzer may be breaking me out (serves me right for using something that old), so midway through the month I started usuing this bronzer instead. It is a darker bronzer for me, but somehow it doesn't look too dark or muddy, even on my pale skin. I apply it with a Sigma F25 brush, and I dust it off a little on the back of my hand before applying it to my face. I like this much better than NARS Laguna, so go check this out if you're in the market for a shimmery bronzer.

MAC's blush in Stunner: This will not surprise you if you've payed attention to my makeup in my OOTD posts, but I love this color. It's the perfect, light, peachy-pink for my skin tone, and it's not overly shimmery, but not flat and matte either. Why did this have to be limited edition?!

Lancome's Rouge in Love Lip Color in Corail in Love: Again, hardly a surprise, since I wore this in most OOTD's. I won't go on and on here, since I plan to review this soon, but  I think this might be my new favorite summer lip color.

Clinque Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in 10 Air Kiss: I know, I know, this too was in all of my OOTDS! I got this mini gloss in a set from my cousin for Christmas, and I love the formula of these. They really do last a long time, and give incredible shine to the lips. They are slightly sticky, which I personally like. This color is a pale, sheer pink with shimmer, and it works over just about any lip color. I don't know that I would repurchase this, since I have so many glosses to begin with, but I've been loving it this month!

Josie Maran Argan Oil: I've waited a while to buy into the Argan Oil hype, but my extremely flakey, dry skin led me to this, and I'm very impressed. I apply this every night to my chin (where it has been the flakiest) over my usual night moisturizer, and my dryness has drastically improved! My only complaint? $48 for a bottle...I was a cheapie and bought the small travel size for $14, but I think that'll last me a while, since a little goes a long long way with this.

Non-beauty related favs (only tv shows, for some reason?):

The Office: God bless my mom for having a Hulu+ subscripiton that she lets me use. I've been rewatching episodes of The Office all month long, and Michael Scott never ceases to amuse me. Funny stuff!

Dance Moms: Guilty, guilty pleasure. I only watch it for the dancing, ok! Don't judge me!



  1. that lipstick looks gorgeous! i'm excited for your review of it

    1. The review should be up in the next couple of days :)